CASE STUDY: Hangzhou Tourism Integrated Marketing in the North American Market

Background and Challenges

  • Hangzhou Tourism Committee has plowed deeply into the European and American tourist market and implemented the strategy of internationalization of tourism.
  • Hangzhou Tourism Committee had implemented successfully IMC campaign on the eve of the Super Bowl and the Kodak Theatre Heights in Hollywood before. So this year, Hangzhou Tourism Committee focused on the “Metro Card” with the flavor of life, and popularized Hangzhou’s tourism brand in the North American market in a more intuitive way.

Client Objectives

  • The combination of online and offline activities, to promote Hangzhou Tourism via  television advertising, digital advertising, News paper etc, through multiple channels in North America has the characteristic of international area
  • Drive growth on followers, average reads and interactions.

Services scope:

  • IMC strategy
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Online&offline campaign
  • OTAs online performance promotion
  • An OTA annual summit sponsor


Some of screenshots and event pictures

  • The picture of offline event on United Nations building in New York.

Left: Carley Thornell (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist ) , Right: Denis Dias (A well-known American travel journalist )



  • Joint Naming Metro Cards

  • Ad banner

  • Golden ticket campaign site


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