B2B Distribution Strategy And KOL Marketing

How do you contact distributors in China? How do you find Chinese Distributors, negotiate with them and know you can trust them?

Finding the right distributor for your products in China is not that easy.

We will help you to build a B2B distribution strategy in China tailor-made for your business and necessities, assisting you in finding the right distributors and in preparing everything you need for starting your distribution in China.

Our process develops following these steps:

Brand Presentation to Distributor

Distributors will not try to sell your products if they think Chinese customers will not buy them.
The main things they care about are the attractiveness of product concept, product quality, branding, price policy, and marketing support.
To start your business in China you need first to be appealing in the eyes of distributors.

We will first support you to spread your brand image on Chinese websites and social networks so that consumers can learn more about your products to prove your products can attract many Chinese consumers.

After an initial work on spreading awareness, we will help you in finding the right distributors and present at best your products and services.

Online Store Creation

Start selling online directly to consumers can be a great way to test your products on the Chinese market.

We will be working with you to build your official online stores where you can start selling products directly to Chinese consumers before you even have a distributor.

The official online store can be opened in your official website, official WeChat Mini-program and via Taobao where consumers and distributors can easily find and recognize your brand.

KOL Marketing

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are widely used in Chine across different platforms because of their capacity of driving sales. Although using KOLs can be very effective, partnering with someone that does not fit your brand image or product peculiarities can be very disruptive.

We will support you to select the right KOLs to promote your products and handle all necessary operation work for smooth cooperation with KOLs, which in return can also become your distributors.
Once customers see the promotion, they will buy products from the KOL directly or search for your official online store to compare price and the products.

The cooperation model with KOLs will be Cost-Per-Sale, which means the KOL will take a commission based on the sales generated from their channel.

Distributor Identification

According to your needs and product specificities we will support you in developing the target eCommerce channels including Tmall direct sell, JD direct sell, RedTalk direct sell, Top Taobao sell stores etc.
In the distributor identification process a profound understanding of each other and a thorough research is fundamental.
We will identify several different distributors and provide the following information to help you in selecting the best ones for you:

  • What is their real turnover?
  • How long have they been in your industry?
  • How many years’ experience do they have in this distribution business.
  • What other products/ brands do they distribute
  • Where are the other brands distributed?
  • What staff will work for your brand?
  • What is the communication process?
  • What do they need to succeed?

Digital Marketing To Support Sales

Marketing campaign development for your distributors will still be your responsibility. You need to keep your customers plugged into your products and loyal to your brand. You must build a relationship with them, communicate with them and listen to what they need.
Using digital channels is the best solution for this, especially in the Chinese market where applications and social networks allow for a strong commitment and high conversions.

We will continuously support you to create and execute a solid strategy with digital marketing to launch and promote your product and communicate with your customers in China.