Brand Localization for Chinese market

The process of Brand Localization is complex, especially in China. This is a fundamental step when entering the Chinese market, and a poor implemented strategy could permanently ruin your reputation and have a negative impact on your profit.

An effective localization it is not a mere translation job but must be carried out on many different levels.

From adapting the storytelling of your business’ core values, to finding the right tone of voice for your content and develop a coherent communication strategy that can appeal and be easily accepted by the Chinese consumer.

We will take care of all of these crucial aspects when developing your Brand Localization Strategy.

Thanks to our services you will be able to pave the way for your products while effectively connect to new consumers, and providing them with the best user experience, avoiding all the potential pitfalls of cross-cultural marketing.


  • Corporate and brand values analysis
  • Coherent storytelling definition for a successful positioning on the Chinese market
  • Creation of an easily recognizable Chinese name for the brand that can be appreciated by the consumers
  • Trademark registration in China for Intellectual Property protection
  • Chinese website localization and design + keywords research for SEO and Baidu products management
  • Social media management and editorial plan adaptation and development
  • Content translation and adaptation to the local’s culture and etiquette, to better attract the target customers
  • Localization in compliance with China advertising laws, to avoid legal or regulatory issues
  • Online and offline sales channel and distribution consultancy on purchasing preferences and consumer behavior

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