Partner with Digiant, UNEEDABOX solution is the easiest way to promote and sell to China

Empowering Brands in China’s Consumer Landscape

Uneedabox (You Need A Box) is a holistic platform tailored to consumer needs, providing content promotion, product recommendations, and seamless purchasing services.

We are committed to linking industries or brand products with the Chinese consumer market through content promotion and immersive product experiences.

Our aim is to thrive in the expansive Chinese market by fostering connections between industries, brands, and consumers.

Unlock Growth with Uneedabox’s Full-Scale 

Promotion and Consignment


Three BIG Reasons to Partner with Uneedabox.

Maximize Product Visibility and Sales Across UNEEDABOX E-Commerce Channels

⦁ Drive sales on Multiple UNEEDABOX Commerce Channels: Taobao, Douyin, WeChat MP, Little Red Book (RED), and more.

Cater to diverse consumer groups at different stages, showcasing and selling products.

Comprehensive coverage of the product life cycle, from product selection and trial to clearance promotions.

360° Content Marketing

Through UNEEDABOX’s Social Network


A curated collection of content connecting brands and consumers, promoting products,
cultures, countries, and industries, along with information tailored to target consumer’s needs.

Drive Results with 360° Data-Driven Performance Marketing

Achieve robust ROI with a moderate budget by integrating with leading Chinese social media and eCommerce advertisement platforms, along with affiliate programs to boost online sales and track real-time performance


How Uneedabox Works?

Exploring Collaborations

Brands Partnering with UNEEDABOX


We outline the marketing strategies frequently employed
by our partners during collaboration to help you make informed choices.

Collaborative Partner


We collaborate with renowned brands and national industry organizations,
executing diverse marketing campaigns in the Chinese market.

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