Brand Localization for Chinese market

Brand localization for China market is a must and adaptation of products to Chinese language and culture. The process of brand localization is complex.

Digiant global team has been focusing to creating a user experience that successfully drives your marketing strategy and business goals in China market by connecting with consumers on a deeper level.

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Social Media Marketing in China

China is a social media country. You must use different tones to communicate with your Chinese audience on their own Social Media platforms, such as Sina Weibo, Tencent WeChat, Toutiao, Zhihu etc.

Digiant global team helps to do your every marketing activity within China social media pursuing very distinct and quantifiable goals that will ultimately define the best approach and execution.

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Search Engine Reputation Management in China

People may frequently be searching for you by business name, product name, words of mouth etc, having bad rank or reputation in search results page can directly impact your bottom line.

For growing business, managing online reputation has never been more important. Digiant global team helps to protect your brand and increase brand loyalty by search engine reputation management.

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Chinese Website Baidu SEO

SEO for a Chinese audience is quite a bit different than SEO for a Western crowd. Although Google is used by some people in China, the most popular search engine over there is Baidu.

Digiant global team will help you to do Website SEO for Baidu which is the most popular search engine in China and get benefits

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Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) makes all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, online communications and social media work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation, which maximizes their cost effectiveness.

Digiant global team offers one-stop IMC solution service globally.

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Technology Service of eCommerce Solution

The founding team of Digiant has been dedicated in cross-over practices of technology and ecommerce for more than 13 years before Digiant was founded.

The eCommerce solution of Digaint are making selling as easy as buying which Easy access to instantaneous communication, information transfer, logistics processing and online networking have allowed for remote orchestration of sustainable e-commerce platforms.

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Online Store and Shopping Site Operation

Digiant is more than just a one-stop eCommerce solution provider, Digiant is your business partner in China.

Digiant designate a dedicated team to each brand. We take responsibility for your sales performance and keep improving by using data analytics across all parts of eCommerce including marketing, operation, tech and warehousing.

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Online B2B & eCommerce KOLs Distribution

How to contact distributors in China, how to find China Distributors, negotiate with them and find list of Chinese Distributors? Finding the right Chinese distributor for your products is not that easy in China.

Digiant will help you to build B2B distribution strategy in China, assist you to have what you need to prepare for distributors and find the right China distributors by the below sections…

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