Social Media Marketing in China

With more than 900 million users China is the first country for social media usage in the world.

Chinese consumers have different habits and expectations, and navigate in such a big and fast-changing environment it is not easy.

We will guide you inside China social media ecosystem by helping you in the development of targeted campaigns with measurable goals ensuring the best approach and execution.

Build a social marketing strategy in china with clear objectives

We will assist you in the identification of the touchpoints in your targets’ customer journey, from the awareness to the conversion and advocacy phases, and then in planning the correct social media strategy for your business, starting from the definition of your goals and the right KPIs to measure to build a successful social marketing strategy for the Chinese market.

audience ANALYSIS andplatform choice

The social media ecosystem in China is very fragmented and it changes according to many factors. Each platform has its strengths, specializations and peculiarities also depending on the geographic area.

All of these aspects increase the complexity of the social media landscape in China and requires significant local experience, resources and expertise to avoid making wrong investments.

After a detailed analysis of the market, competitors and demographics, we will help you in choosing the right social platform(s) to attract and engage your audience.


Considering your business goals and communication strategy and style, we will develop the right editorial plan and design the best content to fit each social platform’s feature.

According to your needs we offer two kind of content related services:

  • Content creation: based on your brand’s values and tone of voice we will create and design original content keeping in mind the target audience expectations and desires
  • Content localization: using existing material we will translate, rewrite and adapt your content to be suitable and appealing to the eye of Chinese customers

Social media management and optimization

Our management scope includes account registration and set up, account updates, social campaigns and posting. We constantly monitor all social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews), ensuring fast responses within 24 hours, granting to your audience the best service and experience.

We are committed to a data-driven process in our optimization activities. Measuring social success is just the tip of the iceberg in a well-structured social media plan. All of our actions are based on measurable KPI’s that fall under the umbrella of three macro-areas: reach, engagement, and conversion.

  • Reach. how well is your social media content resonating with the target audience?
  • Engagement. how many people are interacting with your brand on social media?
  • Conversion. is your social media strategy driving you towards achieving your business goals?

Through the analysis of social media performances and the sentiment analysis we are able to optimize at best the strategy for each platform, improving not only the reputation of your brand by attracting positive word of mouth, but also helping you to achieve your objectives.