Omni-Channel Retail

The founding team of Digiant Global has been dedicated to cross-over practices of technology and eCommerce for more than 13 years prior to the foundation of our company.

Our eCommerce solution makes selling as easy as buying. With easy access to instantaneous communication, information transfer, logistics processing, and online networking, we have allowed for remote orchestration of sustainable e-commerce platforms in China for global brands.

Our services:

We not only provide basic technology services for brands including the design & development of official online stores and data analytics but also help you achieving omni-channel retail with a full range of technical support.

Thanks to our expertise and with enhanced data collection and analysis we are able to provide a consistent and more personalized experience to your customers across all retail platforms.

Self-Owned Online Store Development

  • WeChat Online Store (B2C or B2B2C)
  • WeChat MiniProgram (B2C or B2B2C)
  • Mobile Friendly Online Shopping Website (B2C)

Multi Order Management System (OMS)

In China fast delivery time is a great competitive advantage and fundamental to build loyalty and drive business growth. Optimize the time between purchase and delivery, thanks to our user-friendly Order Management System you will be able to integrate all of your selling platforms and achieve extreme customer satisfaction.

  • Multi-channel selling: Integrating more than 20 eCommerce platforms/systems to achieve centralized and automatic processing
  • Order Shipping: Integrating a multi-express system to achieve centralized and automatic tracking of orders and delivery status
  • Order Fulfilment: Integrating multi-ERP and WMS systems to achieve a centralized order flow to warehouse operations and out for delivery
  • Inventory Control: All your stores and marketplaces will have real time inventory/quantity management. Easily update inventory quantities, unit cost, and sales pricing
  • Inventory Location: Easily set up multiple inventory locations and track inventory by location
  • Purchasing & Receiving: Easily create purchase orders and keep track of receipts for all purchase orders
  • Products Management: Different product management tools set up to get all your products into the system control and manage them
  • Insightful Report: Analyses of different reports to study the sales trends, best performing items and even more with simple yet accurate inventory reporting options
  • Roles set up: Easily setting up of roles and users’ access to features and transactions

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse management has a heavy impact on cost reduction and in the ability to fulfill an order on time in an accurate way.

Our Warehouse Management System is able to handle many operations while optimizing the costs and shipping time. Our system’s advantages are:

  •  The whole warehouse operation process can be paper-less and keyboard-less
  • Each order is monitored, trackable, and available for sale and inspection
  • It performs multiple automatic product verifications in picking scans and weighing in order to ensure accuracy
  • Our multi-channel picking function prevents saturation of channels when picking up a large number of active orders
  • Our order analysis function, according to the detailed order information and batch processing, gives us access to essential data for further researches and optimization

UX Design For E-Commerce

With only a few seconds to capture a consumer’s attention to engage with your eCommerce site requires an attractive, organized, user-friendly, and structured system that mirrors your company’s spirit and personality. Our tech, design, and user experience experts will work with you to tailor a look and experience that is uniquely yours, and that is in line with the Chinese consumer expectations, to drive sales and increase conversion.