Senior Web Development

Location: Beijing

Category: R&D


  1. Participate in desining and developing both the desktop website and mobile page of web application
  2. Design, construct and optimize front-end frameworks and components
  3. Help product managers and designers evalueate product requirement and design product


  1. Master programming in HTM / CSS / Less / JavaScript / TypeScript
  2. Be exprienced in React / Vue / Angular / Google Polymer
  3. Have knowledge about the use of NPM / Webpack / Gulp / Browserify
  4. Know how to cooperate with others in Git
  5. Be familiar with SPA, responsive design and common browser compatibility issues
  6. Care about the reusbility and clearness of code, have good programming habits


  1. Know a server-side language(Go / Python / Node)
  2. Know the design principle of RESTful API
  3. Know the development of Hybrid App
  4. Have experience in publishing and maintain front-end library in NPM or GitHub

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