CASE STUDY: HAHALE – Germany Direct Shipping Cross Border eCommerce

Considering dramatically growing demand of cross border online shopping, Betterlife group started HAHALE project to build and launch – a Direct Shipping Cross border eCommerce website to provide premium German products with competitive price.

The Challenges

  • Require a shop system to manage hundreds of brands and thousands of products and support product data autofill (product description, price, inventory, weight and size, etc.).
  • Establish a complete order fulfillment process to ensure users can receive order parcels in 3 weeks from the warehouse in Germany.
  • Require a calculation system to calculate total order value including the shipping fee and import tax.
  • Payment system to have users to pay in CNY and clients to receive in Euro.
  • Pre-launching marketing plan to grow fast.

The Solutions

  • Prepared a western look/feel and sophisticated website design while adding Chinese elements with frontend features and promotion tools more suitable for Chinese users.
    Mobile Registration
    Infographics to introduce product features
  • Branding. Drafted and finalized a brand story and company mission.
  • Online store development. Developed a seamless integration between Shop System, ERP and WMS to identify payment/order status and trigger corresponding procedure.
  • Designed and developed plug-in to calculate shipping fees and import taxes for each shopping cart.
  • Social Media Marketing. Registered WeChat/Weibo Accounts and posted original articles of German culture, a 101 guide of cross border shopping, tips for choosing infant formula.
  • Started a WeChat Group to grow and maintain seed users.

The Results

  • Delivered a full-functioning cross border eCommerce shop in 6 months.
  • Shortened order fulfillment period from 4 weeks to 2.5 weeks with one step custom clearance.
  • Gained 500 seed users in 2 weeks before soft launch.
  • Achieved average read of each article to 1,000 on WeChat after 1 month of content marketing.
  • Enabled Credit Card and Alipay Payment systems to be user friendly for Chinese buyers, German sellers can settle payments in Euro.
  • Increased user growth in the target 25-39 year-old affluent demographic.

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