CASE STUDY: Mazda WeChat and Weibo social account successful highly increases followers and interactions

Background and Challenges

  • Mazda has been operating Social Media Accounts for years, gained many followers and each post has solid number of reads and interactions.
  • Reached stable phase, haven’t achieved growth of followers and interactions in last few months.
  • Social operation team has to response quickly to hot issues, try different creatives based on brand image to match constantly changing social marketing trend in China

Client Objectives

  • Improve Brand Promotion & Communication in social channel.
  • Drive growth on followers, average reads and interactions.

Services scope:

  • Social Account Management. Mazda official WeChat and Weibo account management & operation
  • Social campaign. Online social campaign planning, H5 development, promotion, implementation, tracking and optimization


  • The fans of WeChat official account increased 132% during 12 months.
  • The fans of Weibo official account increased 204% during 12 months.
  • The impressions increased 189% during 12 months

Some of Works:

  • 《复仇者联盟2》创意漫画. 小马哥形象推广的第二次大制作,利用复仇者联盟2的热映,结合一马车型,构想出操控者联盟,并根据创意制作美漫风格的图文。

《复仇者联盟2》创意漫画.  小马哥形象推广的第二次大制作,利用复仇者联盟2的热映,结合一马车型,构想出操控者联盟,并根据创意制作美漫风格的图文。

  • 愚人节创意漫画. 利用愚人节恶搞的过节气氛,通过4格漫画的形式表现对外挂产品的幻想。

愚人节创意漫画.  利用愚人节恶搞的过节气氛,通过4格漫画的形式表现对外挂产品的幻想。

  • 上海车展系列图文之一.上海车展盛大开幕,借用上海的各个知名地标,把马自达与环境融为一体,并推出小马哥与车展的专属形象。


  • 上海车展系列图文之二.此为上海车展创意图文系列之二,与上一期时尚感相反,借用怀旧剪纸风格,打造出别具一格的老上海形象。


  • 《速度与激情7》创意图文.《速度与激情》系列电影与马自达有着深厚联系,在影片热映时期,推出与电影相关的图文,推广品牌。


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