Creative Director

Location: Beijing

Category: Innovation & Creative

We are looking to hire a Creative Director to help our premium brand clients flourish in the Chinese market by creating thought-provoking and innovative creative campaigns. This is a new role and a great opportunity for someone to build up a Creative function from scratch and make a meaningful impact within the Chinese market.

Creative Offering:

  • Design and embed Hot Pot Digital’s international approach to designing, delivering, and measuring creative campaigns.
  • Determine the resource requirements necessary to deliver a creative offering in line with the company’s growth plans.
  • Provide guidance and produce rate cards/collateral that will enable sales and account teams to sell creative work.


  • Develop creative campaigns that impress clients, deliver on their requirements, are measurable, and both connect and have a powerful impact on the Chinese market.
  • Develop and deliver pitches, that impress clients, and successfully bring to life the proposed campaign.
  • Work with clients to amend ideas based on their wishes, knowing how to communicate what is and isn’t possible in order to achieve the intended results.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to oversee the execution of creative campaigns, monitoring budget and quality, providing guidance as required, and auditing the final output.


  • Identify, screen, select, and grow a network of creative providers to deliver on the company’s growth plans.
  • Negotiate terms and monitor activity, ensuring that all creative providers working with Hot Pot Digital are aligned to its vision and ways of working.
  • In time, hire, manage, and develop a small creative team.

Market Impact & Recognition:

  • Design and execute a strategy that will result in Hot Pot Digital’s work being recognised, admired and respected by the industry, clients (existing and prospective), and talent (existing and prospective).
  • Produce work that demonstrates Hot Pot Digital’s understanding of market insights, culture, and creative prowess.
  • Actively submit work that wins awards and/or receives international recognition for the above.


Experience/skills – Essential:

  • The ability to observe and develop a deep understanding of people, markets, products, trends, feelings, and events.
  • The ability to take the above, and design highly creative concepts, that is tailored and unique to client and their needs.
  • Excellent pitching skills.
  • Deep knowledge of all things digital.
  • Experience working within an agency, producing work for premium brands.
  • Experience in determining and monitoring budgets, timeframes, and quality standards.
  • Experience in managing creative providers.
  • Able to gain credibility within the Chinese the market, alongside the ability to connect with Chinese locals.


  • Experience hiring, managing and developing a small team.
  • Experience designing and implementing processes.
  • Track record of having received public recognition for creative work.
  • Knowledge of the Chinese market and/or language.

Personal Attributes:

  • Culturally aware – you embrace working with different cultures, and you understand the intricacies of creating work for those with varying cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.
  • Inspiring communicator – you can captivate an audience, tell a story, bring to life a creative concept to a range of audiences, across a range of cultures.
  • Perceptive and empathetic – you know how to listen, observe, ask the right questions, and dig beneath the surface. Because of this you can relate to audiences and come up with strategic ideas.
  • Collaborative leader – you work well with cross-functional teams, you are able to guide and motivate others to deliver on your vision.
  • Passionate – you are passionate about what you do, you consistently seek to learn more, improve, and try new things.




Title: Designer

Location: Beijing

Category: Innovation & Creative

As a Digital Designer, you will join a rapidly growing team of entrepreneurial individuals with significant branding, marketing and digital experience within China, as well as in international markets.

  • Graphic Design, specific to Chinese social media and digital platforms, including WeChat and Weibo.
  • Video production, script writing, storyboard development and post-production & editing, both in Chinese and English.
  • H5/Mini Programme/AR/VR design and development with developers.
  • Work alongside Social Media Managers/Digital Marketing Executives to create image and video assets for digital platforms and media buy.
  • Provide insights into current visual trends on modern China and Chinese market.
  • Work alongside both Digital Strategists and Social Media Managers to input on visual content for campaign ideas and brainstorming.
  • Involved in creation of pitch decks and proposals for potential new clients and new business.
  • Responsible for production of innovative and creative digital content.
  • Working alongside Account Managers to act as a cultural consultant for all project identities, delivering concept and brand identities through visual elements.
  • Active contribution of content and concepts to Hot Pot Digital marketing channels: website, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Active contribution to creative concept brainstorming together with Creative Director and Strategy team.


  • Chinese language skills essential
  • Fluent English Speaker
  • University Degree in relevant field or equivalent experience
  • Experience working within an established Digital, Advertising, PR or Branding Agency highly desirable
  • Well-versed in China digital platforms and trends, ideally WeChat and Weibo
  • Previous experience in Rich Media, Graphic Design and online asset creation, with strong flair for photography and videography
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Deep knowledge of Fashion industry and luxury brands
  • Ability to define tasks and manage own schedule to meet tight deadlines