Brand Localization for Chinese market

Digiant Global helps create a user experience to successfully boost your marketing strategy and reach your business goals in the Chinese market by connecting with consumers on a deeper level.

Social Media Marketing in China

Digiant Global helps do your marketing activities throughout China’s social media channels advising on the very distinct aspects of Chinese consumers’ profiles to provide the best approach, execution and results for your brand.

Search Engine Reputation MGT

Digiant Global helps build a good reputation in search results to promote your brand and increase brand loyalty with thoughtful search engine reputation management.

Chinese Website Baidu SEO

Digiant Global offers a comprehensive one-stop Baidu SEO solution to help you improve the keyword ranking and increase organic search traffic to your Chinese website.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Digiant Global helps you integrate all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, online communications and social media to work together as a unified force.

Technology Service of eCommerce Solution

Digiant Global provides not only basic technology services for brands including the design & development of online stores, WeChat Miniprogram and data analysis, but also helps brands achieve Omni-channel ecommerce with a full range of technical support.

Online B2C Store Operation

Digiant Global takes responsibility for your sales performance and helps you improve by using data analytics across all parts of eCommerce including marketing, operation, tech and warehousing.

Online B2B & KOLs Distribution

Digiant Global helps you build B2B distribution strategy, assists you in preparation, KOL marketing, finding and negotiating with the right China distributors.

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