Launching of Official Accounts & Digital Marketing Campaign for Buenos Aires City


To launch Buenos Aires digital presence in China through a multichannel social media strategy (Wechat – Weibo – Press release) to position Buenos Aires as a popular destination for Chinese students, digital nomads and travelers in general.

 Work Scope and Deliverables

WeChat Official Account (OA) Creation & Management

Official Launching of Buenos Aires City on Chinese Social Media

Weibo Account Creation & Management

Launching of Buenos Aires City Weibo Account with Interactive Activities with Sponsors and rich visual content


Digital Promotion

Objective: Promote Buenos Aires to a broad Chinese audience through a multichannel (Wechat – Weibo – Press release) social media campaigns and interactive activities.

Press Release in Major Media

WeChat Campaign


✅ Advertised to over 10 million WeChat users through Tencent Advertising

✅ Influencer marketing with a reach of 800k impressions

✅ Follower grew from 0 to over 1300



Weibo Campaign

✅ Interactive campaign to promote

BA tourism and AR food culture – Mate & Wine

✅ Weibo influencer marketing with a reached 14 million of Weibo users

✅ Reached 500k reads and interactions.

✅ Followers grow to 6700+


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