Flowers of Colombia Week Online-Offline Promotional Campaign

Campaign Target and Deliverables

Plan and execute a combined online-offline promotional week of Flowers of Colombia with Digital promotion, offline events and an online Masterclass with a professional well-known local florist

Objective: Reach a target audience of a million viewers both in the B2B and B2C flower sector to raise awareness of and promote Colombian flowers

Digital Promotion:

Wechat articles:





Weibo Influencer Marketing

Weibo Influencer marketing activity with 2 KOLs reached an audience of 1.14 million on Weibo

Press Release:

4 post event press release in selected major local media

Offline Event:

Christmas Tree Showcase & Flowers Workshop

65 VIP & Key industry guests invited to attend the offline Christmas tree display and Flowers of Colombia workshop

Online Masterclass

Livestream on XiaoeTong APP

One hour online Livestreaming Masterclass by local florist

Target: 150-200 online live attendees

Achieved: 996 online live attendees

Masterclass uploaded to Tencent video & Youku

Youku video link

Tencent video link


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