CASE STUDY: BOSCH Thermo Technology Flagship Stores on Tmall and

Background and Challenges

  • Bosch is a globally well-known brand, but Bosch TT in the Chinese water heater market is considered a new face.
  • For Bosch brand, it is the first time to try eCommerce in China.
  • Neither warehouse nor warehouse management system was ready for online retail and online order fulfillment.

Client Objectives for China eCommerce and Digital Marketing

  • Build and strengthen brand reputation and brand awareness in the market.
  • Launch Tmall and JD Flagship store and achieve sales growth.
  • Avoid interest conflict between online stores and offline dealers.

Solutions and Results

  • Bosch TT ecommerce strategy consulting and plan execution
  • Digital marketing strategy consulting and execution to drive traffic to both flagship stores.
    • Drive sales campaigns on Tmall and
    • Leverage Tmall and platform advertising tools (Search Marketing, Banner Advertisement, key words optimization, Dimond ad, etc.) to improve store visitors and store awareness.
    • Online marketing: Baidu SEM, SEO, Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), article posts etc.
    • Solved interest conflict between brand and dealers by involving dealers to order fulfillment process and implementing rewarding system.
    • Achieved 15 million in revenue during the first 12 months.

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